Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is a Bankruptcy Discharge?

A "discharge" in a Bucks County bankruptcy means that the debtor is released from liability for certain non-secured debts. Unless a creditor contests the removal of a debt, the discharge generally occurs 60 days after the appearance before the U.S. trustee in Bucks County. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy hearings in Bucks County are held in Trevose. Remember -- there are some debts that are not able to be discharged in a bankruptcy.

The discharge prevents the creditor from taking further action to collect a debt after the automatic stay. This includes eliminating personal contact, phone calls, and mailings by the creditor. Essentially, this is the final step for you to start fresh with your new life. You are assured that no further harassment can occur.

A copy of the discharge is mailed by the bankruptcy clerk to the debtor, the debtor’s bankruptcy attorney in Bucks County, and the debtor’s creditors.

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