Thursday, February 2, 2012

Benefits of a Bucks County Bankruptcy

Most people will do anything to avoid filing a Bucks County bankruptcy as they feel the stigma attached to filing is very humiliating. I believe that it is in our American DNA to avoid the stigma at all costs, even if filing for bankruptcy in Bucks County may be the most cost efficient, effective, and legally supported path to handling overwhelming debt. I personally feel that, in most cases, individuals who start to get financial worries should get a free consultation with a Bucks County bankruptcy lawyer early on as it may save them thousands of dollars (i.e. by avoiding paying hundreds of dollars on minimum credit card payments that will never pay off the balance) and sleepless nights.

Once someone in Bucks County files, he /she has a unique opportunity to turn their life around for the better and achieve all the dreams they once held so dear. It won’t happen overnight, but the opportunity will be there! Of course, certain lifestyle changes will be necessary but the positive outcome will more than compensate for doing without things once deemed as necessities. There is an expression that your glass is half empty or half full; it all depends on how you perceive it!

Aside from the above psychological advantages, there are everyday improvements to your life after filing. Chief among these is that creditors are eliminated from bothering you. No more hassles with phone calls or threatening letters. Also, if you play it smart, your credit rating will be restored after a period of time. Your unsecured debts are removed enabling you to breathe more easily when paying your current bills. You have a chance to be human again and sleep worry free.

Frequently, after I attend the Trustee's hearing with my Bucks County client, my clients will review me on my AVVO profile and thank me for giving them a fresh start. It is so satisfying to hear that they can start fresh and begin their life all because of my Bucks County bankruptcy services.

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