Sunday, September 8, 2013

This makes me sick

A Washington Post investigative article shows the despicable state of tax liens in Washington, D.C.  Specifically, people are losing their homes over small (~$2,500) tax liens.  A lot of the properties were in low-income areas and had elderly homeowners.

I read the article twice and saw no mention of bankruptcy.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy could have stopped the sale of these homes.  For $281 (the filing fee), a person can be in a Chapter 13 for 5 years and spread the payments over that 60 months.  I know the community legal services in the country  are tapped beyond their capabilities (just like Legal Aid in Bucks County is cutting back), but this would have been a quick fix if a program existed.  If you are looking for a Bucks County bankruptcy attorneys to stop a tax lien sale, call me immediately.  I do not want to see your home lost.


  1. Its never easy to let go of your home that you lived for a long time just because of the rising mortgage. I know this because I have been in this place before. Hiring an attorney is the best way you can do to deal with situations like this.


  2. However, if you successfully go through the process, you stand a chance to start afresh. The best thing is that you retain some essential assets and part of your wages. This way, you will be assured of meeting your daily needs compared to when creditors auction all you have. Such considerations give you more reasons to hire a good lawyer to handle your case.

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