Saturday, April 27, 2013

How Did My "Bad Faith" Case Go?

I previously blogged about my case relating to a bad faith case in a Bucks County Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  The hearing lasted approximately 80 minutes.  The beginning involved arguments, timeline over, and review of the case with the bankruptcy judge and the Trustee.  I called my client to testify.

My Bucks County client did a terrific job.  We reviewed my questions a day before the hearing and on that day.  Federal bankruptcy court in Philadelphia is an imposing scene.  I often joke that the courtroom is so ominous that it is perfect for a setting in a courtroom drama movie.  Many clients, in this setting, can be intimidated.  My client, however, did a great job.  We fully explained the reasons for his filing, why it was in good faith, and what his goals were in this new Bucks County filing.

The judge heard final arguments between myself and the Trustee.  He then advised that he would take the matter under consideration and issue an opinion.

We received the decision this week.  We were successful.  My client is allowed to continue on in his Bucks County bankruptcy and he could not be more excited.

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